Certificate of Deposit (CDs)

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  • If you don't need immediate access to your funds, make your money work harder for you! With as little as $500 you can receive a higher interest rate than with other savings options. Ask about this low-risk investment option today!

    Certificate of Deposit (CDs)
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    • CD Special!
    • Great low-risk investments
    • Higher returns than savings accounts
    • Guaranteed fixed rates for guaranteed returns
    • Monthly dividends can be compounded (paid into the CD), transferred to a savings or checking account, or paid by check
    • Terms from 6 to 60 months
    • CDs of $50,000 or higher, with terms of 24 months or longer, qualify for a higher APR
    • Open with as little as $500
    • Early withdrawal penalties apply
    • Federally insured by NCUA