She’s spunky, she’s fun, but most of all, she’s full of curiosity. And, her curiosity is not limited to the latest Snapchat from friends or Ariana Grande’s newest song. She is also curious about life, the world, and yes, money!

She goes by Jen, and we think you’re gonna love her!

We’re proud to offer this awesome series to help teens learn about money.

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The Credit Union Difference

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{{ growing-your-money-locally }}

Buying Goods & Services

{{ budgeting-basics }}

{{ building-a-budget }}

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Saving & Earning an Income

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{{ loan-basics }}

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Using Credit

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Protecting & Insuring

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Financial Investing

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Test Your Knowledge

Put your knowledge to the test with these mini tests and answer keys.

Video: Choosing Your Financial Institution

Choosing a Credit Union Test
Choosing a Credit Union Answer Key

Video: Growing Your Money Locally

Growing Your Money Locally Test
Growing Your Money Locally Answer Key

Video: Budgeting Basics

Budgeting Basics Test
Budgeting Basics Answer Key

Video: Building a Budget

Building a Budget Test
Building a Budget Answer Key

Video: Good vs. Bad Spending

Good vs. Bad Spending Test
Good vs. Bad Spending Answer Key

Video: Know Your Checking Account

Know Your Checking Account Test
Know Your Checking Account Answer Key

Video: After Grad - Work or College

Work or College Test
Work or College Answer Key

Video: How to Save on Tuition

Save on Tuition Test
Save on Tuition Answer Key

Video: Income Essentials

Income Essentials Test
Income Essentials Answer Key

Video: Let's Talk Taxes

Let's Talk Taxes Test
Let's Talk Taxes Answer Key

Video: Pay Yourself First

PayYourself First Test
Pay Yourself Answer Key

Video: Loan Basics

Loan Basics Test
Loan Basics Answer Key

Video: Predatory Lending

Predatory Lending Test
Predatory Lending Answer Key

Video: Strategies for Debt Repayment

Debt Repayment Test
Debt Repayment Answer Key

Video: Student Loans 101

Student Loans Test
Student Loans Answer Key

Video: Boost Your Score

Boost Your Score Test
Boost Your Score Answer Key

Video: Breakdown of a Credit Score

Credit Score Test
Credit Score Answer Key

Video: Comparing Cards

Comparing Cards Test
Comparing Cards Answer Key

Video: Using Your Credit Card

Credit Card Test
Credit Card Answer Key

Video: Foiling Identity Theft

Identity Theft Test
Identity Theft Answer Key

Video: Intro to Insurance

Insurance Test
Insurance Answer Key

Video: Compound Interest Mind Bend

Compound Interest Test
Compound Interest Answer Key

Video: Investment Vehicles

Investment Vehicles Test
Investment Vehicles Answer Key

Video: Saving for Retirement

Retirement Test
Retirement Answer Key

After Grad: Work or College

Aspectos Básicos Del Presupuesto

Boost Your Score

Breakdown of a Credit Score

Budgeting Basics

Building a Budget

Choosing Your Financial Institution

Cómo Encontrar El Préstamo Más Adecuado Para Ti

Cómo Superar El Miedo A Tener Tarjetas De Crédito

Comparing Cards

Compound Interest Mind Bend

Desglose De La Puntuación De Crédito

Interactive Video Player


Interactive Video Player


Foiling Identity Theft

Good vs. Bad Spending

Growing Your Money Locally

Hacer Un Presupuesto Con La Regla 50/30/20

How to Save on Tuition

Income Essentials

Intro to Insurance

Investment Vehicles

It's a Money Thing

Know Your Checking Account

Let's Talk Taxes

Loan Basics

Interactive Video Player

MCCU Online

Interactive Video Player

Mobile App

Pay Yourself First

Interactive Video Player


Predatory Lending

Qué Hacer Y Qué Evitar Cuando Buscas Pagar Tus Deudas

Saving for Retirement

Strategies for Debt Repayment

Student Loans 101

Using Your Credit Card