MCCU Scholarships

In the continued spirit of giving back to the community, MCCU awards $1,000 scholarships to eight graduating high school seniors. The scholarship can be used toward tuition and admission fees to an accredited college or technical school in the United States.

2024 scholarship applications will be available soon.


MCCU Mini-Grants

MCCU provides grants that support school staff and faculty who do the hard work of educating area children.

Our mini-grant program is available year-round to schools within the following counties: Barry, Branch, Calhoun, Eaton, Hillsdale, Jackson, Kalamazoo, and St. Joseph. 

Applicants do not need to be MCCU members to apply or receive grant funding.

Mini-grants are limited to a maximum of $750 per faculty member, per school year.

Please note: 2023 Mini-Grant funds have been fully allocated. New requests will be considered in January, 2024.